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Hello. I'm Mitja, the manager of Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing offers big game fishing charters all across Croatia. No matter where you are staying, we always try to provide a possibility to fish for these giant predators.

We have been in the tuna fishing business for years. Our oldest captain caught his first tuna more than 35 years ago when tuna fishing in Croatia was still in its early phase. Therefore, we have a lot of experience, which is affirmed by our satisfied customers, who we helped in catching the fish of their lifetime.

big tuna after a days fishing in Croatia
Fresh catch of big tunas!

Our modus operandi is to offer charters for everybody. From beginners, who can learn all the fishing techniques during the trip and master the process by the end of it, to the more experienced anglers who may have caught the big tuna before.

Big game fishing rods on a boat on Adriatic sea
We have been in the tuna fishing business for years.

Our fishing captains are all experienced anglers who hold multiple international big game fishing awards between them, know the local fishing areas like the back of their palms, and have many years or even decades of accumulated knowledge.

If you want to learn more about the captains, you can visit our introduction page.

Two big tunas from the Adriatic sea in Croatia
Our fishing captains are all experienced anglers

To top it all up, you will also have our very professional and reliable customer support at your disposal to provide you with the best plans for your trip and help you with the accommodation. We are also happy to help you by recommending the best local restaurants, which sights to see, and what else to do in your place of stay.

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Big game fishing charters all across Croatia’s coastline with an unforgettable sea fishing experience to catch the largest predators of the Adriatic sea.
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