Tuna Fishing Seasons in Croatia

Choose the right time of the year for a Big game fishing tour in Croatia and make the most of your day on the sea.
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There is no closed season for tuna fishing, but some months are better than others. During certain periods of the year, the fishing is more plentiful and the weather is warmer.

The tuna fishing season lasts from March until December, with a short break in June when the fish are spawning.

Big game gear for Tuna fishing

In the winter months (January and February), fishing is harder, as the fish are in the deeper parts of the ocean. They are not as active as the cold does not let their metabolism work at full speed. Therefore, this is usually the time of year dedicated to preparing the boats before the season starts.

In March, the temperatures rise back up and the tuna fish becomes more active. Being hungry throughout the winter, they need to get enough food to prepare for the spawning season. 

Starting late March, the bulk of the first fishing peak of the season happens during April and May.

The spawning season happens during June, meaning that it is not the best time to opt for angling.

In July, fishing is back on the table, and the second peak lasts until the end of November, with the autumn months being the high time for catching big tunas. During those days, the fish are feeding after the spawning season and before the winter months.

Tuna just before being pulled on a boat

Weather-wise, the best time to visit is between April and June or September and October, since it is not too hot. There can be some rain, but it does not affect the fishing. 

It is possible to even in the late autumn months, towards the end of November, you just have to be prepared for cooler weather.

During the summer months (June up until August), there is more tourism than usual. At the same time, the fishing is more exciting, with possible spectators from the yachts watching you fight with a tuna. 

However, if you like peace and quiet, springtime (March-May) or the autumn season (September-October) are the perfect periods for a trip.

A shoal of tuna caught from Croatian Adriatic sea

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