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Big Game Fishing Rabac

Discover what fishing with a world-renowned big game fishing champion looks like.
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Maximum: 4 people
Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing

Croatia Tuna Fishing

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If the group tour fails to reach the minimum number of participants, there’s a possibility it may be canceled.

Fishing runs deep in the blood of the Rabac locals. For centuries, nothing more than a small fishing village stood in the bay of Rabac, where nowadays you will find many a hotel and luxury apartment.

Contemporaries have not forgotten the knowledge the men of the past had accumulated, and our fishing guide Mauro is one of them. The winner of the 2017 sea fishing world championship, he is ready to put his skills to use and help you catch your biggest fish yet.

During the 10 hours with us, you will get to know all the procedures and techniques of hooking the enormous sea predator. The ship’s captain will teach you how to handle all the equipment, react when the fish bites, and get it on the deck.

Once you are familiar with everything, it will be a game of waiting. But the real fun begins when one of your rods goes off, and the action of pulling the fish on the boat commences. We do not doubt that you will be successful and fill the boat freezer up to the brink with tuna.

Big game fishing will surely leave you exhausted once you return in the late afternoon or early evening, but we are confident that you will be swimming in the new memories you create that day.


Atlantic Bluefin tuna is the main species of tuna found in the Mediterranean sea, and with that, in the Adriatic. With the oldest specimens being more than 50 years old and weighing more than 300 kg, this fish is one of the greatest predators who dwell in this part of the ocean.

This predator is a competitor of tuna, but it’s not as widely spread in the Adriatic sea, leaving more living space for its contestant.

The Mahi-mahi or dolphinfish is a less known inhabitant of the Adriatic sea, as it is usually associated with tropical places due to its diverse colors. On its body, you can find a mixture of gold, green and yellow, with some silver added on the belly.

Fishing captains

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Mauro was born in 1995 and soon after, his long bloodline of sea fishermen pulled him into the world of fishing. Our youngest captain began competing in his early years and became a professional angler in his teens. As a regular member of the Croatian National sea fishing team, he won some of the most important trophies in sea fishing, including the world championship in 2017. At the peak of his fishing career, with heaps of accumulated knowledge, he began his path as a captain for big game charters in his homeland. As a big fishing enthusiast, he does everything in his power to make sure you catch a fish.

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Join a Group

When we say small, we mean small. Our groups consist of 4-8 people, so you are able to get a true in-depth experience of Slovenia without the hassle of travelling with a busload of people. This is ideal for solo travellers, couples, small groups of friends and family who are happy to share their journey with other like minded people. We need a minimum of 4 people to run this boutique tour with your own tour leader, accommodation and activities arrangements and comfortable transportation. If your group is bigger, please contact us for a different arrangement.

Private boat

Private tour gives you the freedom and flexibility to adjust your days on the tour to your needs and wishes. The driver guide and all of your transfers are exclusively just for you, so you have more control over your time and schedule and more of a personal experience without having to adapt to a bigger group. Whether you are travelling alone or with family and friends, guided private tours give you the option for more stops, add-on and on the fly changes, as long as they fit the itinerary, which we carefully prepare and organise, so you can have a carefree holiday.

Professional fishing guides

Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

Only the Best

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of the Adriatic coastline has cherry-picked the best tuna fishing experiences in Croatia.

Based in Croatia

As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing at a given moment.

Trusted by Many

We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

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Big game fishing charters all across Croatia’s coastline with an unforgettable sea fishing experience to catch the largest predators of the Adriatic sea.
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