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Get familiar with the captain of your closest big game fishing adventure.
Tuna catch
Tuna catch

Mate is a captain with a decade of experience in fishing for the big predators in the Adriatic. Raised by the sea, fishing has been a part of his life from the very start. His passion for angling is still present. With the upsurge in the number of tuna fish on the Croatian coast, he turned his hobby into a job and is now a professional captain with big game fishing tours around the island of Krk. He provides the best tuna charters on the island with his friend Josip.


Captain Denis is a champion of multiple sea fishing tournaments in Croatia and the most well-known angler in Krk. He is not competing as often nowadays, since he has too much work with his fishing charters, providing extreme experiences for the anglers, and the best, fresh catch for the restaurants across Croatia and the Balkans. He has two boats that accommodate several anglers, so his clients do not have to worry about space.


Captain Ivan specializes in extreme Croatian fishing charters, fishing for tuna, blue shark, and amberjack. He has more than ten years of experience as a professional captain and is especially good at teaching beginners. His passion also includes cooking, which culminated in his own restaurant, which is famous for fresh seafood. No wonder, since the tunas are transported directly from the sea onto a plate.


Captain Pero is a fishing enthusiast who grew up by the sea and has been in love with fishing since he was a little boy. Progressing from fishing for small fish without a boat, he is now a successful big-game angler with numerous awards from Wicked Tuna Croatia. He works near the town of Dubrovnik. There is no better combo than visiting the historical town and then going fishing for the prehistoric ocean predator with Pero.


Vice is a big-game angler with many years of experience in catching the big predators of the Adriatic. Deep-sea fishing for tuna demands a lot of knowledge and preparation, and Vice is one of the best in the business. He knows his home terrain and all about the good locations and hidden spots because he follows the tuna throughout the season. Therefore, he always returns from his trips with a nice catch. If you have a lot of energy and a strong will, Vice will be the best option for you.


Mauro was born in 1995 and soon after, his long bloodline of sea fishermen pulled him into the world of fishing. Our youngest captain began competing in his early years and became a professional angler in his teens. As a regular member of the Croatian National sea fishing team, he won some of the most important trophies in sea fishing, including the world championship in 2017. At the peak of his fishing career, with heaps of accumulated knowledge, he began his path as a captain for big game charters in his homeland. As a big fishing enthusiast, he does everything in his power to make sure you catch a fish.


Robert has been an enthusiastic fisherman for more than 35 years now, spending as much time as possible sailing Croatia’s seas. His passion has always been fishing for big sea predators, and the past ten years, he has devoted all his time and energy to chasing big tunas, becoming one of the most successful anglers. He has another passion besides that. Robert is a professional chef. He is in business with many restaurants across Europe, providing them with fish and sea products, meaning you will definitely not be hungry on a trip with him. In 2021 he caught his PB tuna, which weighed more than 280kg!

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