Know before you go

Some information about fishing in Croatia that you should know before your vacation, so you can only focus on fishing upon your arrival.
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Here are a few tips on what you can do before the trip itself to make everything easier and more enjoyable so that once you arrive, the only thing on your mind is fishing.

When you decide on your desired dates, contact us as soon as possible, so that we can secure a spot for you; the number of anglers on one boat is limited and we are usually all booked up in advance, so we suggest you do not wait until the last minute.

Fishing for big tuna from a boat on the Adriatic sea

The sea can be quite unpredictable, so be sure to take proper clothes – warm clothing for the early morning start, and a swimsuit for the hot temperatures during the day. Do not forget about sunscreen and sunglasses.

Be punctual; it is very important to start fishing in the morning so that you have more opportunities to catch a tuna.

Get a good sleep the day before. You need to be well-rested and focused to be successful.

The biggest tuna of the season caught in Croatia

If you are a vegetarian, let us know in advance in case you will be booking a trip with us. This way, we can prepare a suitable meal for your if you will be dining with us on the boat.

If you are prone to seasickness, pills may be useful, but it is also worth mentioning it to the captain who will assign you a spot on the boat that is less affected by the waves.

Big game fishing charters all across Croatia’s coastline with an unforgettable sea fishing experience to catch the largest predators of the Adriatic sea.
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