Fishing in Dubrovnik

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Blog Published April 12, 2022
Edited May 6, 2024

Fishing in Dubrovnik

After visiting all of the interesting sights, go out for a day of Dubrovnik fishing beyond the city walls.

Besides being one of the oldest and most historic cities in Croatia, Dubrovnik fishing trips are some of the best in the Adriatic Sea. It is a place where you can easily combine a week of sightseeing with a fishing trip in the Dubrovnik waters.

You can find many good fishing spots around the rugged coast and the small islands surrounding Dubrovnik. The sea bed here is pretty diverse, with both sandy and rocky bottom areas. Fishing is possible all the way from the Ston channel, the Elafiti islands, down south to the Boka Kotorska bay. 

Which fish to expect?

The sea around Dubrovnik is rich in various fish species, making it a great spot for those unsure of what they want to catch. The most popular smaller species to fish for here are the Common and the White Sea Bream, Base and the European Sea Bass. All of them have very taste white meat, which can be tasted in most restaurants in the city.

If you go on a fishing trip further offshore, that’s where the big game fish are waiting. The Bluefin Tuna is the prize of these waters while catching the Swordfish is not too shabby as well. The other trophy-sized fish waiting here are the Yellowtail Amberjack and the elusive Dentex.

Dubrovnik also has a long history of spearfishing. The water in the area is very clear and offers great visibility. Besides all the fish mentioned above, spearfishing is also a great chance to catch the Dusky Grouper.

What do I need?

As for any other fishing in Croatia, you’ll need a fishing license. You can get it in most tourist agencies, diving centres and fishing clubs along the coastline by presenting your ID or passport. There are quite a few limitations on big game fishing, so you can’t even take any caught Tuna home.

Finding the best fishing spots in an unknown area is a tough task, so we recommend you go fishing with a local fisherman who knows these waters. That’s especially true for big game fishing since they have a special license that allows them to catch tuna without releasing it. If you would like to be a part of this adventure, check out our Tuna fishing trip in Dubrovnik.

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Fishing in Dubrovnik

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