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The most ferocious and elusive predator in Adriatic sea.

This predator is a competitor of tuna, but it’s not as widely spread in the Adriatic sea, leaving more living space for its contestant.

With its muscular, aerodynamic body it can reach a speed of over 100 km/h. Its distinct colors are dark blue and silver, with a distinctive black fin on the back. It has a very special ability of being able to see very well in the dark, so its prey isn’t safe even at night.

Swordfish travel in pairs or in small groups and they hunt together, targeting smaller fish in the open water.

Most swordfish in Croatia inhabit the central Adriatic, they live in the open sea in greater depths and are not easy to catch.

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swordfish 1 5
swordfish 2 5
swordfish 2 5
swordfish 3 5
swordfish 3 5
swordfish 1 5
swordfish 2 5
swordfish 3 5
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